Types of Astrological Readings

Written Reports

Special Written Reports

Special written, computerized reports are available for a fee by emailing Cathy Bednar. These reports are separate from an astrological reading by Cathy. While the reports will give you some general information about yourself, they usually are not as specific or provide as much guidance as an individual reading from an astrologer. You may request the following reports:

Natal—a report describing such things as your personality, mental abilities, motivations, and emotions.

Karmic past life—describes how previous lives may have an affect on your current life and how to deal with these influences.

Compatibility—-insight into what influences may affect your relationship with a significant other, friend or business associate.

Solar Return—what your soul wants you to accomplish and develop in the upcoming year (based on your birthday, not calendar, year.)

Transits—how current planetary energies may affect your behavior, feelings, and daily happenings for one year.

Cities and Towns—choose up to 20 cities to see how “compatible” you are with them.

Rates vary depending on the report(s) requested.

Classes and Lectures

You may contact Cathy Bednar for classes and lectures through email.