• "I cannot thank Cathy enough for all the insight provided to me though my natal chart reading! She knew exactly what my struggles were and how to overcome them by realizing my energy potentials. Since seeing Cathy, I have been able to begin achieving my goals and I am on the way to utilizing my skills and personality to the fullest. Cathy's natal chart reading truly helped get me on the right path."

  • "Through the years astrology has been a very helpful tool in understanding situations and being able to adjust to situations in life. After I had a sudden tragic loss, astrology was once again helpful in understanding my life's situation; counseling with Cathy's knowledge of astrology brought insight into my particular situation. Life has many twists and turns, and it is helpful to have awareness of what lies before us; it will give insight on how to react to a situation. Cathy's knowledge was and still is a great help to me; she is great to counsel with."

    Peace, blessings and much love, phil
  • "Cathy was very helpful in providing me with guidance in my relationship choices and career plans. I highly recommend her services for anyone who needs assistance in making important decisions in their lives."

  • "I have used astrology for 35 years as a way of organizing and gaining perspective on my path of becoming. However, I find another astrologer's viewpoint necessary at times, and very illuminating. Cathy Bednar has extensive and grounded knowledge of human nature, and a keen discernment of the psychological and mechanical influence of the planets and the zodiacal signs. She is capable of presenting a clear description of the chart along with practical suggestions for understanding how to develop one's inherent potential. Cathy demonstrates thoughtful consideration in taking the chart as a whole, and is an asset to the science of astrology."

    SJ Smith
  • "Thank you [Cathy] so much for such a comprehensive reading. An astrologer has so many aspects and elements to consider and analyze in order to offer accurate information to a client. I have been so impressed, with your thoroughness, attention to detail, and sheer knowledge of astrology. Your readings have been so very helpful to me over these past years. You really care about people and want to be of assistance to them through your readings. I will continue to send people to you as a trusted, knowledgeable and caring astrologer."

  • "Cathy...you're amazing! The Natal Chart reading you provided me a year ago was extremely accurate. The insight you gave me by reviewing information of potential events and patterns as reflected on my chart was very useful and I appreciated your thoroughness and honesty. These were very helpful in recognizing that I needed to focus more on the positive aspects of my astrological sign(s) resulting in many great changes in my life! I can't thank you enough and am looking forward to my next reading to see what is in store for the upcoming year!"

  • "Cathy's talent is her ability to identify problems and patterns that may be a source of conflict, and provide pragmatic solutions to address their causes and effects. During this process, she takes you through every step of her reasoning, leaving you with therapeutic perspectives that can gradually transform and empower you.

    If you believe you need positive changes in your life and are ready to commit, then this may be what you seek. Much more than an understanding of the past, present, and future, Cathy's true value lies in her ability to help you shape and take greater ownership of where you want to be."

  • "Cathy was quick to unveil who I am on all levels & what would be good for me to do to improve/ease my life. She has helped me better understand this path I'm on in life & the particular obstacles that will come up along the way for me. That said, she also helps me prepare for them and overcome them. She's helped me find direction in my life & learn to trust my instincts more. In my experience, the timelines she offers are right-on. She is very easy to talk to and also communicates well. It's clear that she loves her work!"