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Astrological Planetary Energies—Positive Uses For Challenging Situations

There’s more to astrology than just your Sun sign. Knowing “your sign” -- Aires, Scorpio, or Leo -- and some of the personality characteristics is common; checking your daily horoscope is as well. But have you ever thought beyond your daily horoscope to see what a personalized astrology reading can do for you? If not, read below and see some of the benefits.

Your astrology chart shows your personality, character, motivations, career aspirations, talents, financial indications, relationship interactions, and challenges in your life. Understanding these challenges and turning them into opportunities is one of the great benefits of astrology. Your chart is Karmic—it shows many lifetimes of how your soul used its energies, both positively and negatively. (If you do not believe that you have a soul, your chart can be viewed as what your current life is all about.) The idea is to positively work through those past life challenges so that they will become strengths in this life. Also, since your chart identifies your strengths and talents, you can capitalize on them and use them to help work through those difficult challenges with greater ease.

Each sign corresponds to or is ruled by a planet that is associated with specific identifiable energies. Each planet’s energies can be used to our benefit or detriment. For example, Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Uranus is associated with such positive energies as change, technology, creativity, freedom, innovation, your higher mind, doing things for the “good of mankind,” and intuitiveness; it also has some potentially negative qualities such as rebelliousness, eccentricity, and willfulness. We all have Uranus somewhere in our personalized astrological charts. Where it is in our chart affects how we will display those characteristics in our life. If we become too rebellious or eccentric, we could separate ourselves from others and society, thereby negating any change we are trying to institute. Also, by isolating ourselves, we won’t be open to learn the necessary developmental issues. If we become too eccentric, others can view us as unapproachable—consequently, we need to learn how to act and communicate our thoughts in an appropriate and acceptable way so that we can get our message across. And freedom can be a positive Uranus quality if we use it to incorporate how and when we choose to discipline ourselves and to accept the necessary responsibilities in our lives.

If Uranus is in a conflicting position with authority figures (boss, father, society), it could affect our social status, ability to advance in our careers, or whether we get along with authority figures. The following example shows how this placement in our chart uses our energy in a negative fashion: A client named Tom had Uranus placed in his natal chart where it affected his career and authority figures. He worked for a company and was always “bucking the system,” rebelling against any change instituted. He would try to initiate support for “his cause” among his fellow workers. The boss ignored him and labeled him as a rebel rouser. One day Tom decided to use a different approach. Instead of rebelling, he creatively used his energy to come up with an alternative solution to a proposed change that ultimately benefited both the company and employees. He presented it to his boss, who then listened and was interested in this innovative way of dealing with change. Tom created a “win, win” situation by positively using his Uranian energy to create a viable solution instead of his usual rebellious manner.

In Tom’s case, by being rebellious all the time, he was alienating himself from his boss, career opportunities, and acceptance in his workplace which is what Uranus will do if we use it to an extreme. When used negatively, few will listen; since the whole idea of rebelling is to try to get something changed in a positive fashion, your plan most likely fails. In order to get “buy in,” we need to create beneficial alternatives that are more in tune with society.

Astrology helps you see how to use your energies in a more positive, productive way that ultimately benefits you and others. If you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results. So, do a Uranian thing—change—but in a more beneficial fashion and see what happens.