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Importance of Astrology

Your specific astrological chart is a valuable tool to help you understand the type of career path to follow, the kinds of partners you gravitate toward, how your early childhood influenced your life, the interests and hobbies you enjoy, your interactions with other people, motivations (or lack of), assets, spirituality, and beliefs.

Did you ever ask the following questions?

• Why am I not able to relate to my bosses or different authority figures?
• Why do I get into the same kinds of bad relationships?
• Why do I hate my job?
• What is the right career for me?
• Why am I not able to save money?
• What kind of influence did my childhood have on me?
• Will I be compatible in the long run with a lover, business partner, or friend?
• What potential health issues am I most vulnerable to?
• How can I better deal with my anger, fears, and emotions?

Or, did you ever think:

• It would be nice to know “where I am headed.”
• What will I need to concentrate on in the upcoming year?
• What will my challenges be?

Through your natal, progressed, transit, solar return, and compatibility charts, these questions and more will be answered. What you do with this information is then up to you, for you still hold the key to unlock your chart’s door. It is up to you to initiate and carry out an action plan.