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The Chakras and Your Astrology Chart—An Energetic Connection

Have you ever had an immediate connection with someone you met for the first time? Have you ever felt that when you walk into a house, you know that you feel at home there? Or have your ever just known, when choosing a pet, a particular animal was the right one for you? Our intuitions will many times guide us into making decisions based on whether something “feels right;” we get this sense from energy that we pick up. We can “feel danger,” “feel uncomfortable,” or “feel compassion” from energetic vibrations. We all have intuitive abilities; however, many of us have not tapped into them. From where does this energy actually generate?

We deal with energy in many forms every day, in fact, every minute of our lives. Energies from the planets (from an astrological perspective) and the vortexes of energies within our bodies (from the chakra centers) are tied into our physical bodies which can operate as positive, free-flowing energy, or negatively, as resistant, stress-related energy. When the latter occurs, it can manifest into illnesses or into making inappropriate choices.

When our internal energies are balanced and we feel centered, we may have confidence, be assertive, are able to give and receive love, communicate positively our thoughts and feelings, and tap into our intuition. Our internal guide is able to naturally make the appropriate choices and decisions that are in our “best interest.” We are able to go with the energetic flow and feel comfortable with our decisions. In fact, when this happens, we don’t have to wrestle with making a decision; we just know. This generally happens when we are comfortable and confident with who we are, where we are going in life, and in focus with what our soul wants us to accomplish.

Awareness of your soul’s intention is outlined in your personal astrology chart. Your chart is the roadmap or guide to your path in life. It provides a wealth of information about your personality, motivations, relationships, career aspirations, and finances, to name a few. Your chart does not change you into someone else; it just shows you how to positively use your energies that allow you to move to a higher level. Your chart, if understood and positively executed, will guide you toward the proper roads that lead to your soul’s intended destination. We all have different routes that lead us to the direction we need to go.

But have you ever felt like you were out of balance but did not know why? When we are out of balance our internal energy vortexes (chakras) can become depleted. Stresses in our lives—relationship breakups, job stresses and losses, health issues, financial difficulties, relocations, births, or the death of a loved one—can play havoc with our energy, making us feel out of sorts. For example, this can occur when we take the wrong road; we are, in essence, using our energies in a way that is not conducive toward our appropriate path in life. As a result, roadblocks such as disease or physical injuries, encountering challenging events and circumstances, and dealing with difficult people may take us on a detour.

These detours, however, can be beneficial in our self-development process. We learn about ourselves from the people and challenges that we energetically attract so that we can develop into what our souls desire. Many times, these are the patterns that we keep repeating over and over until we learn the lessons that these challenges bring. But with these detours, our internal guides and chakras may become upset and blocked until we navigate onto the correct road. Once again, your astrology chart can make this apparent and can get you back onto the right road to recovery.

But what, from an astrological standpoint, could actually cause the chakras to become unbalanced or blocked? In astrology, there are 10 planets with very distinctive qualities that are correlated to the seven chakra centers within our bodies. These planetary qualities can be matched to the characteristics of the seven chakra centers; some chakras have more than one planet associated with them due to similarities between several planets and the chakra connection.

Astrology will show how people may potentially use a planet’s energies in a positive and negative fashion. If used positively, the correlating chakra energy may flow freely; if used negatively, the chakra energy flow may become restricted. Saturn deals with security, survival, and structure, which can make us feel grounded; these are similar qualities to the first chakra, the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. On the negative side, Saturn represents limitations, fears, and restrictions; on the positive, it also represents maturity, discipline (of self and character), and responsibilities. If this chakra is being blocked, a person may be using his/her Saturn energy in a negative fashion, thereby operating on fear and becoming inhibited to move forward in life, to take appropriate actions, or to just “be himself/herself.” This could create tension in the body, settling in the Root Chakra area. Affected areas for this chakra could be the spinal column, rectum, legs, bones, feet, and immune system, as outlined in the Anatomy of the Spirit.

Some people may have felt Saturn’s restrictions since their childhood (which would be apparent in their astrology chart), causing them to become stiff and rigid in the spinal column or to have joint difficulties. Or, potentially, an event or circumstance, such as a job loss, may temporarily have a negative impact on the Root Chakra since this would affect a person’s sense of security. In addition to the predictive astrology which many astrologers do, I also concentrate on the self-development aspects of astrology. This entails working with people to redirect and restructure that fearful, self-inhibiting behavior into becoming more mature, responsible, and disciplined efforts so that people may fulfill their soul’s intentions in this lifetime.

Learning how to use your Saturn energy in a more positive fashion may help to unblock the energy flow in the first chakra, thereby improving physical limitations, diseases, and inhibiting behavior associated with this chakra center. In addition to astrology, both yoga and meditation can be useful tools for unblocking and reopening this energy flow within our bodies. I developed a workshop, “Astrology, Chakras, and Yoga,” which explores the qualities for each of the seven chakra centers and how they can be indicators for potential blockages of easy-flowing energy within our bodies. (You can find more information about this workshop on my website.)

The Moon is also represented in the first chakra. It not only deals with the security aspect of this chakra, but also deals with the emotional aspect. The Moon deals with our intuitions as well. Every planet has a zodiacal sign associated with it which is contingent on when you were born. Those with the Moon in the sign of Aires display their emotions in a different fashion than those with the Moon in the sign of Cancer. Used negatively, the Moon in Aires could result in a lot of anger, impatience, and aggression; used positively, people could express emotions in an assertive fashion. Those who use their Moon in Aires negatively can build up a lot of hostility, which could affect the first chakra center. It is important to get to the root of the anger issues (which are shown in astrological charts), so that this energy can be redirected into a more positive fashion, such as expressing emotions in a non-threatening way. If people use their Moon energy negatively, it can create chaos, making it difficult to tap into their intuition. Many people think that they can’t trust their intuition to act as a guide. This is generally due to blockages outlined in their astrology charts. These blockages lead to energy losses within the chakras.

By learning about ourselves and our soul’s destination through our astrology chart, we can begin to positively use our energies to accomplish what we need to do in our lives and keep our chakras open with free-flowing energy. Then we will be able to feel comfortable about listening to our intuition and going with the flow of energy.