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Astrology, the Chakras, and Yoga Workshop - Interweaving the Energy Flow

Energy. We deal with energy in many forms every day, in fact, every minute of our lives. I will be focusing on planetary energy (for astrology), vortexes of energy in our bodies (for the chakras), and physical and spiritual energy (for yoga and meditation). These energies are intertwined and shared within the Universe, and we can feel them drawing and pulling within our daily lives. We are all energetically connected. We absorb positive and negative energy from people, pets, places, and inanimate objects.

When we meet someone for the first time, we pick up vibrations from that person; we can "feel" whether we have a connection with them. When I met my astrology mentor, Ben Pettes, I knew innately that he would be my astrologer, teacher, and guide, and he was for 11 years, until his passing. When I adopted my first kitty, I felt instantaneously that he was to be my cat, and we were best friends for 19 years. When I walked into my current residence for the first time, I knew it was home, which it has been for 17 years. Our intuitions will many times guide us into making decisions based on "a feeling;" however, many of us have not learned how to rely on them when making these decisions.

Why do we feel unbalanced at certain times in our lives? We all undergo many stresses in our lives-relationship breakups, job stresses and losses, health issues, financial difficulties, relocations, births, or the death of a loved one. Events such as these can play havoc with our energy, making us feel "out of sorts." These events may be affecting our chakra centers, causing an internal unrest, which ultimately could result in developing a disease or physical limitation. Documented, scientific proof shows that stresses can manifest into physical illnesses.

Because of my work with astrology, the chakras, meditation, and yoga, over the last 20 years, I combined them into a workshop since I felt a strong connection of interrelated energies. This workshop revolves around the chakra centers and demonstrates how astrology (planetary energies), yoga (physical energies), and meditation (spiritual energies) can assist in balancing our chakras (vortexes of energy within our bodies) in a positive fashion. It deals with an insightful look at how astrology, yoga, and meditation can assist in rebalancing the chakra energy fields, making you feel more centered and "at peace" with yourself.

In this workshop, we also explore the basics of an astrology chart. A natal astrology chart (that is, your own personal one) is like taking a snapshot of the cosmic universe at the time of your birth and placing that picture into an astrology wheel. That wheel is very distinctive to YOU. It becomes your roadmap or guide into knowing your personality, motivations, talents, challenges and how you view the world, to name a few insights. By understanding these intricacies in your chart, an astrologer can see areas that may be giving you some difficulties. For example, you may not be using your energies in the most positive fashion, thereby, not capitalizing on your optimum strengths and talents. That is the beauty of astrology-it assists in identifying these difficulties and points you in the right direction for changing thought processes and behavioral patterns. Astrology consultation sessions help to redirect your negative energy use into a more productive, easy-flowing, and comfortable mode of behavior. I have found astrology to be the most insightful and best self-development tool available. It is a "secret" that must be told.

You may say that you may already know yourself quite well. That's what I thought when I had my first astrology reading from my mentor, Ben Pettes. He told me things that "hit home" and knew some of my motivations for choosing my career paths and my relationship partners, and he was able to see how and why I related to my parents as I did. He also told me why I kept repeating the same patterns in my life and how I could modify them. He was not trying to change me into someone else; he was just trying to have me "live my chart" as my soul was challenging me to do. I had several career choices over the years but still felt that something was missing. Because of the impact that astrology had on my life, and because my astrology chart also was conducive to becoming an astrologer myself, I chose to follow in Ben's footsteps and guide others into positively activating their charts. Thus, my passion was aroused and I now feel fulfilled in my life path.

The "Astrology, Chakras, and Yoga Workshop" examines each chakra center to see what potentially could block, restrict, or imbalance it. A correlation exists among the 10 planets (which include the Sun and Moon) and the seven chakra centers. Some chakras have several planetary energies associated with them. Because each planet has a positive and negative use of its energy, negative use can result in an energy-flow restriction. The Sun is our true inner self; it represents our identity, individuality, ego drive, and the ability to have confidence in ourselves. Likewise, the third chakra deals with the same qualities as the Sun, along with the ability to take action, which comes from Mars; both the Sun and Mars are linked to this chakra. We need to have confidence in who we are so that we can take suitable action that is congruent with our personalities and our true inner self. Lacking confidence, we cannot go after what we want. This could give us a sense of being unfulfilled and uncentered, which may cause tension and blockages within our bodies, manifesting into illnesses or difficulties with the stomach, pancreas, adrenals, liver, gallbladder, upper intestines, and the middle of the back, according to the Anatomy of the Spirit. 1

Some people lack self-esteem and are fearful of taking any new actions, even when they were children (which would be apparent in their astrology chart). Or, a particular event such as losing out on a job opportunity, may temporarily affect the ego and self-esteem, making us apprehensive about applying for another job position. Since the third chakra is centrally located in our bodies, when we lack confidence, we are not centered and balanced when we lack confidence, which affects our ability to make the choices that are beneficial to our true self. By using the Sun and Mars energies positively, we can allow the free-flowing energy to guide us into taking the right actions for ourselves and alleviate any negative physical ramifications such as ulcers, diabetes, eating disorders, and indigestion, which are representative to this chakra. As an astrologer, I work with people to project their Sun sign's persona properly and to take the appropriate actions that coincide with who they are and to achieve what they actually want in life.

The "Astrology, Chakras, and Yoga" workshop explores the qualities for each of the seven chakra centers and how they can be indicators for potential blockages of easy-flowing energy within our bodies. Exploration of the chakras can give us an additional layer of insight into our physical, emotional, and spiritual connections within the cosmic universe. Astrological ties are described for each of the chakra centers.

In addition to astrology, both yoga and meditation can be useful tools for unblocking and reopening this energy flow within our bodies. This workshop shows how each chakra has several postures and breathing exercises associated with it to assist in positive energy flow. Through specific asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breath work), we can open a targeted area. Meditation can assist in the visualization process of creating a more free-flowing energy system. In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to practice these asanas and will be guided through a meditation and relaxation period. However, yoga and meditation may be a temporary aide in keeping the chakra open until we can address the source or root cause of the blockage in the affected chakra (which may be defined by the negative use of planetary energies).

You do not need to have any knowledge of astrology, the chakras, or yoga to benefit from this workshop. I have conducted this workshop at various locations to date. Watch the Point of Light or my website for additional offerings.

1 Myss, Caroline, Ph.D., "Anatomy of the Spirit," Three Rivers Press, 1996, p.167.